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Introspection On Some Of The Insightful Quotes Made By Mazi Onyeukwu JCI During His Last Broadcast On Radio Biafra

 Introspection On Some Of The Insightful Quotes Made By Mazi Onyeukwu JCI During His Last Broadcast On Radio Biafra On the 3rd November 2023...

 Introspection On Some Of The Insightful Quotes Made By Mazi Onyeukwu JCI During His Last Broadcast On Radio Biafra

On the 3rd November 2023, The IPOB Deputy West African Representative and his panel of historical analysts came on Radio Biafra to continue the discussion pertaining the identity crisis that has bedevilled the Old Eastern Nigeria and its people. During the course of the lectures, various indelible hints and quotes were emphasized. Thus, this article is aimed at analyzing and elaborating on some of them, to bring about easier assimilation to our audience, particularly to Biafrans in the coastal region where this identity crisis is more prevalent. One of those hint he dropped during his speech and submission was;

 "You Can Only March To Greatness As A People Only When You Attain Self-discovery"

First, It is Important to reinforce that emergence of the indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a freedom fighting movement was not only to restore a sovereign and independent Biafra Nation, but also to restore back the people's mental reasoning and self-esteem. As well as to unify the people against artificially induced ethnic resentment, which came about as a result of the divide and rule tactics which the British government deployed as a sophisticated weaponry to hold Biafra down in perpetuity.

 This was obtained in the Will inks commission where they [Britain] consciously stoked up tensions, by classifying existing nations as minority tribes and manipulating them to view their neighbor [Igbos] as their enemy who wants to overrun them, because of their diminished status. This was classic subversion otherwise called Divide-Rule Tactics to ensure a never-ending crisis for the benefit of their imperial interests.

Notwithstanding, The IPOB movement have stayed through to her convictions and objectives from her days of inception till date. Offering In-depth lectures on history and educating the people of the need for self-discovery and acceptance, while simultaneously advocating for the Political and economic Independence of the Biafra people in an amalgamated Nigeria by demanding for a referendum to enable the various nations in the East who were involuntarily lumped into the Nigerian union, to determine their future and destiny.

Hence, the educative series of lectures by Mazi Onyeukwu JCI, and his team from various nations and ethnic groups in the East on Radio Biafra with a captioned theme of "Who is a Biafran?" is simply one of those programs aimed at ensuring that these historical backlog and obstruction are cleared to facilitate the reinvigoration of the camaraderie between the people of the East, which had existed thousands of years before the advent of European colonialism in Africa.

 It is basically laying bare the historical facts for the people to inner study, ponder upon and begin the journey of attaining self-discovery and join the popularly call for Self-determination to rebuild the downtrodden image of the black man, to prove that we [Africans] are capable of running our day-to-day affairs without the interference, guidance or babysitting of the Western countries. This is the core principle of the Bịafra dream and revolution, as boldly encoded in the Ahiara Declaration of 1969. 

To be able to fight for our independence and sovereignty and prevail, we must unitedly pursue mental sanctity, enlightenment and discipline to immune us from the divisive ploy of the Enemy who are committed in halting our collective prosperity by all means. For our pain is their gain. This is why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – who is being Illegally incarcerated by the Federal government– and IPOB has remained steadfast and consistent in the Biafra project of emancipation.

Therefore, it is time for the people to shun hatred and self-denial, as the enemy knows us way more than we can fathom. In their discreet moments and minds, we are profiled and classified as the same. Expendable pawns who can be manipulated to kill each other while they sit calmly by, and exploit the proceeds of our sweat. It is high time that all hands join the deck, to demand for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and a date for the Biafra referendum and to ultimately accept that the only true salvation for the various nations in Eastern Nigeria is a restoration of a Independent, Sovereign Confederate State of Biafra.

Written By Sabinus Gabriel

Edited By Augustine Chibueze

For Family Writers Press International 

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