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Criminals Working For Simon Ekpa Reportedly Kidnaps Chinese Nationals, Others In Anambra

Criminals Working For Simon Ekpa Reportedly Kidnaps Chinese Nationals, Others In Anambra A group of Chinese nationals and businessmen wh...

Criminals Working For Simon Ekpa Reportedly Kidnaps Chinese Nationals, Others In Anambra

A group of Chinese nationals and businessmen who were said to have been on a business trip, in Anambra State alongside their local accompanying partners, has been reportedly kidnapped by goons working under Simon Ekpa, the accused Nigerian government agent provocateur residing in Finland.


The unfortunate incident happened on 3rd December, 2023 along onitsha-ihiala highway, in Anambra State. The victims were said to have been double-crossed and seized by group of criminals loyal to the sectorial gang leaders namely, Butuzor otherwise known as Temple and Gentle Lion, operating in and around ihiala-Uli-Orsu valley axis. This group Mr Ekpa the overall Chief of the gang had claimed to be the Biafra Liberation Army - which he officially announced few months ago but, has been operational beforehand.


However, the lackadaisical response of the Nigerian security agencies, in going after these criminals have led many to suspect a Trojan horse covert operation sponsored by the Federal government to source up incriminating evidence to jail the IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu - whom it kidnapped and extraordinarily renditioned from Kenya two years ago, but lack the legal and moral jurisdiction to do so.


The Indigenous People Of Biafra, movement had consistently accused the Nigerian Government of actively recruiting criminals through intermediaries, covertly propped up by the state secret service and military intelligence, to perpetrate atrocious acts to enable them designate the IPOB movement a terrorist organization globally and to imprison her leader.


IPOB had in time past raised alarm, citing intelligence report at its disposal, about a sinister plot and policy by the Federal government to assassinate foreign nationals on Eastern soil through its recruited state-sponsored agent provocateurs, for the sole aim of blackmailing the movement and her detained leader, whom order for his unconditional release has been issued by the Nigerian Appellate Court a year ago, as well as the United Nations working group on arbitrary detention.


Remarkably, at the time when the erstwhile British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mrs. Catriona Liang announced plans to visit the East, on a diplomatic mission. IPOB also revealed and raised alarm over a plot to assassinate her in the East to deepen row between People Of The East [Biafrans] and the British government, as a result of which her planned visit was postponed indefinitely, until she was recalled back to London later this year.


Another related incident was the assassination by Unknown Gunmen, of four officials from the United States mission to Nigeria in Ogbaru, Anambra State few months ago - who were allegedly on a humanitarian mission in the area. The US said its citizens was not involved or killed. However, that did not detter the Nigerian Army/Navy -  whose outpost and military checkpoint was not far away from the crime scene yet it never responded - from invading the community later on, abducted some people and immediately tagged them IPOB/ESN  - as the culprits responsible for the crime. This was less than 96 hours of the attack and no investigations whatsoever has been initiated.


Sadly, according to the information available to Family Writers Press International as the time of filling this report, these kidnapped victims are mostly likely murdered by their captors after heavily extorting huge sum of money from them and families.


 IPOB also recently hinted that as the Court case/final ruling of her leader draws nigh - 15th December, 2023 - that the Nigerian Government and its agencies, covert and overt would heighten their blackmailing antics, so as to pressure the supreme court justices from upholding the judgement of the appeal court, and to oblige the government in its argument of remanding the IPOB Leader in custody, indefinitely on National and regional security grounds.


 Suffice to say, that all Nigeria conventional media are in bed with the conspiracy. They are either deceptively silent or are outrightly in defense of these criminals through their biased reportage. They had swallowed 'hook-line-sinker' the propaganda of the state its security agencies without conducting independent investigations, to ascertain the truth. And, when the crimes of these criminals becomes too brazen and telling, they would shun reporting it. Just like this abduction of these Chinese Nationals in Anambra State.


The International Community must prevail and caution the Nigerian Government, to seize its irrational and unruly behavior especially with the gamble with the lives of not indigenes of the East but also those of respective foreign nationals, who are going about their daily businesses in Nigeria especially in the Eastern region. Such actions must be investigated and when found guilty the Nigerian Government must be reprimanded according to the dictates of International law.


The Nigerian government in its arrogance believes that just like it could, go to Kenya and Kidnap a British National, torture him for days before extraordinarily renditioning him to Nigeria without any consequences. It might as well sacrifice as many foreign nationals as possible to achieve its nefarious objectives and also get away with it. It is then ultimately left of the International Community to hold the Nigerian government accountable for its executive rascality or allow them to continue to ransack and terrorise everyone within the Nigerian enclave regardless of descent or identity.


Written By: Family Writers Press International

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