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Lady Queries Former Nigerian President On Why He Failed To Resuscitate Seaports In The East, His Region Of Origin

 Lady Queries Former Nigerian President On Why He Failed To Resuscitate Seaports In The East, His Region Of Origin A Nigerian lady simply id...

 Lady Queries Former Nigerian President On Why He Failed To Resuscitate Seaports In The East, His Region Of Origin

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Ify, out of curiosity has written an open letter on X (formerly known as Twitter), to the erstwhile Nigerian president Good luck Ebele Jonathan, asking him why there are no functional seaports in the old Eastern region - where he originated from, even though the prospect and logistical connotations of such essential infrastructural project are very high and achievable. And, Why he failed to resuscitate the existing moribund seaports littered across the region during his six years of leadership as president of Nigeria.

 She posits that, although the discourse of the unfair, exclusionist policies of the successive Nigerian Government towards the East for decades remains valid and undoubted, it is shocking and mind boggling that the little opportunity [His presidency] which could have been used to create an alternative or contingencies for the people of the East - who are very entrepreneurial and highly invested in commerce, was never utilised until it ended abruptly. Therefore, perpetuating the undue advantage Yoruba's, Lagos has against the East which has been incentivized by Yoruba ultranationalists leading to the witch-hunt and destruction of landed and commercial properties belonging to the easterners in Lagos.

Her message reads in part: 

"Dear President Goodluck Jonathan, ( Former president federal Republic of Nigeria) 


Good afternoon, sir. My name is ify, and I am writing to you from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


As one of your numerous supporters and someone who believes in you, I am compelled to ask you a very important question with the hope that you will respond because of the urgency.

Sir, could you please explain to Nigerians, especially people from Former Eastern Nigeria ( South East & South South), where you coincidentally originates from 

why the entire Seaports in that part of the country Nigeria is not functional, namely Seaport in Rivers, warri Seaport in Delta State,  cross Rivers and Ibom deep Seaport etc

Why are they not in operation, sir? 

I decided to inquire from you because many people are asking the same question, which is, " Why didn't Jonathan open them?" and that is a fair and legitimate question to ask".

She further argued, that had it the seaports in the East were all up and running. Millions of jobs would have been created, thereby solving the unemployment that has bedevilled the Nigerian state, especially the youths thus alleviating the rate of crime in the society.

She, went on to fault the logic behind the plans to build two fresh seaports, one in a tiny congested Lagos, another in Ondo State - both of which are all located in the Western Yoruba region, who recently heightened the Igbophobia campaign following the coming to power of their kinsman, Bola Ahmed Tinubu - while over five vibrant seaports in the East are under lock and keys with no hope or plans for revamping them, atleast to offload the responsibility the sole Lagos Seaports weilds, for the smooth running of commerce in the country. Since Easterners are being asked to leave Lagos and other cities in the Western and Northern region.

She implored him to lobby on behalf of the East in the current administration, for the reopening of Seaports in the East citing that it could play a crucial role in national healing, boost equity, fairness, create jobs and bring about economic balance which could generate alot of revenues for the government.

She strongly believes that the healing of Nigeria could begin with the reopening of the Seaports in the East. And if the political class are indeed serious with the rhetorics of "moving Nigeria forward" then, they must start from there to move onwards.

Report By: Family Writers Press International.

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