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The Adventurous Journey of the Eastern Security Network, in Safeguarding Biafraland

 The Adventurous Journey of the Eastern Security Network, in Safeguarding Biafraland In the heartland of Eastern Nigeria [Biafra], where the...

 The Adventurous Journey of the Eastern Security Network, in Safeguarding Biafraland

In the heartland of Eastern Nigeria [Biafra], where the echoes of history resonate and the spirit of resilience against oppression runs deep, a formidable force emerged three years ago — the Eastern Security Network (ESN). Floated under the visionary leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader Of The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The movement took a bold step in establishing the ESN, a network that has since become synonymous with protection, and for the most part, instrumental in the restoration of peace in the region.

The birthing of ESN was facilitated by the urgent need to address the rampant atrocities and rampaging of the Fulani terror herdsmen across Nigeria but specifically in the Eastern region. With people living in constant fear, thousands others already fallen victims of their terrorism and the political leaders ostensibly not forthcoming in curbing their menace, the need for a decisive step and action became overdue. Thus the IPOB Leader alongside his team of conscientious strategists in the IPOB movement constituted what today is known as the ESN, to apparently become the "Iron dome", guardian angel for the people, and the land of Biafra with the primary responsibility to hold off the invading Fulani terrorists from the north, dislodge and dismantle any foothold they might have secured beforehand across the entire Eastern region.

And, Since the inception of ESN - three years ago, the security landscape in the Eastern region, with regards to the rampant activities of the terror herdsmens, improved drastically. Farmlands and bushes which had been turned to killing fields, marred with snares by terrorists against defenseless subsistent and commercial farmers were reversed to be, the sanctuaries for agricultural pursuits they were known and made for. The testimonies are indeed countless and overwhelming — an insurmountable proof of the tangible impact ESN has on the security facet of the region.

The commitment and dedication of the ESN, in defense of the land of Biafra goes beyond mere rhetoric. it is etched and ingrained in the very fabric of its existence. The once perilous journey to the farm is now undertaken with a great deal of confidence by agriculturalists. Farmers now freely toil the lands without being compelled to harbor the harrowing thoughts of  "expecting the unexpected". The invaders who nefariously disrupts the tranquility of the agricultural proceedings, has been met with a resilient force that stands guard, ensuring that crops grow undisturbed, and that the population of the Eastern region attains food sufficiency, as row with western and northern regions continues to deepen unabated.

Another inspiriting outcomes of the vigilance of ESN is the restoration of safety for the Eastern women folks. Before now, women and unsuspecting teenage and adolescent girls were at the mercy of the terrorists. They were targeted, caught, brutally raped, and killed with disdainful impunity by the Fulani terror herdsmen. However, since the formation of ESN such heart-rending experience became a thing of the past. Our women folks are no longer subjected to the disgusting encounter of defilement by uncircumcised janjaweed, that once plagued the region. They freely navigate their daily lives without the constant fear that once gripped them. The presence of ESN has created a shield of protection and preservation of our self-esteem as a race. For a people, whose women folks are disrespected and defiled at ease by invading foreigners looses its dignity to stand tall in the comity of nations.

Moreover, the wanton destruction of cash crops by Fulani cows - which they use its open grazing, as a pretext for their terrorism - in the Eastern region has become a thing of old thanks to the watchful eyes of the Eastern Security Network. The delicate balance between predatory pastoralism and agriculture has been restored, allowing both communities and cattle to coexist without conflict. The once-fertile lands, marred by the destruction by roaming herds, now flourish, contributing to the prosperity and sufficiency of the Eastern region.

Therefore, as we commemorate the third anniversary of the Eastern Security Network, it is essential to recognize the indelible impact it has had on the lives of the people of the Eastern region. The ESN stands not only as a shield against external threats but also as a beacon of hope, proving that unity, sense of purpose, determination, and commitment to safeguarding one's land and people can lead to transformative change. 

The Eastern Security Network has demonstrated unequivocally its patriotism and loftiness in defense of the people of the East as well as their interest and statehood. Although the mission is yet to be accomplished, as the entire security responsibility of the East is yet to be entrusted in the hands of these gallant men and women. Yet, the strides created in these three years with almost nothing cannot be overemphasized. It stands to buttress the resilience of a dedicated formation, who refused to be deterred by fear or intimidation but instead chose to lay down their lives, through collective strength and belief in a people-centric ideology for the greater good. 

The sacrifices of the operatives of the Eastern Security Network must never be diminished, so should the material support for them to continue their celestial obligations never run dry. The people of the East must rise up to the occasion to support their defenders as that would be the sole guarantee for their long-term safety. An "army" funded by the people can never turn or betray the people. No army can defeat an army of volunteers.

And, ESN is a formation of dedicated volunteers, who have sworn to defend the land of Biafra with the last drop of their blood. May their blood vessels never run dry of the necessary fluids, need to continue the tedious task of defense of the motherland till the end of time.

Written By: Obulose Chidiebere

Edited By: Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For: Family Writers Press Inter-national

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