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The Tamil Tigers Of Sri Lanka And The Indigenous People Of Biafra

The Tamil Tigers Of Sri Lanka And The Indigenous People Of Biafra Few days ago, during the landmark program on Radio Biafra, Mazi Chinasa Nw...

The Tamil Tigers Of Sri Lanka And The Indigenous People Of Biafra

Few days ago, during the landmark program on Radio Biafra, Mazi Chinasa Nworu - a senior official of the IPOB movement and the General Commanding Officer of the Eastern Security Network [ESN] made several citations, references, exposee and announcements while giving his address to the global public, primarily the Biafrans. And one of those references and citations he made, was about the resistance of the Tamil tigers of Sri Lanka - who were globally known for their sophistication in fighting the Sinhalese-dominated Sri Lankan government at the time. 

And this he made, while addressing the alleged plot by fifth columnists to "sell him and other members of the IPOB leadership" to the Nigerian establishment, as with the kidnapped and illegally detained IPOB leader, whom was extraordinarily renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria, approximately three years ago.

Although, militarily subdued by the Sri Lankan government in May, 2009 in collaboration with certain countries mostly of the West and also Asians, the Tamil Tigers officially called the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) under its revolutionary leader Velupillai Prabhakaran began its resistance in the Northern and Eastern Tamils-Inhabited part of Sri Lanka in 1976, where they advocated for "National Self-determination of the discriminated against Tamils" and actually established a Freedom movement which the local population were largely in support of.

Driven by the political philosophy of revolutionary socialism, the LTTE ran smoothly the affairs of movement and made significant reforms in the traditional Tamil Hindu societal system advocating for secularism and abolished the caste system. The LTTE are widely acknowledged by analysts, experts and commentators alike to have set a global precedent in terms of modern resistance warfare. 

Exceedingly disciplined to the core, its fighters trained and grounded in the ethics of suicide and guerrilla cum conventional war tactics, against the Sri Lankan successive administration-backed forces. They were so dreaded for their coordination in executing high-level personnel assassinations of designated subjects that even countries who have not been attacked by the LTTE or even those whom they had no reasons to, placed them on special watchlist. 

Inspired by their traditional and cultural honor-craving code of immortality ascension through heroic deaths similar to that of the Japanese samurai warriors, with a force of around 18,000 active duty soldiers comprising of a Navy, Airborne, intelligence units and Specialized suicide attack squad before its defeat, Most of LTTE militants wore around their neck, cyanide potions as last resort for suicide - to evade capture and possible torture to reveal classified secrets to the enemies.

And on this premises did the IPOB senior official, predicated his position and message to the detractors of the Pro-Biafra movement, who believes or are being convinced to believe that either assassinating or kidnapping leaders of the movement, would result to the collapse of the agitation and demands for a United Nations supervised referendum, that they should be informed or get acquainted with the stories of Tamil Tigers and their heroic feats. He further stated not only will this be obtainable with the high-ranking officials per se but would be extended to "every comrade and volunteer" in the movement. 

While it is clear that the IPOB movement, has not commenced the enactment of belligerent part of the laconically elaborated feats of the Tamil tigers (atleast not of public knowledge), it cannot be said that, they do not have the strategic capability to carry them out, and the possibility of them considering it cannot be ruled out.

The Tamils were being oppressed in Sri Lanka since late 1940's, that ethnic victimisation and vindictiveness gave birth to a monster 30 years later, that ravaged and drained the country for another 30 years. The tipping point for such a scenario, could be with the detained IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and refusal of the Nigerian government to respect its court orders, treaties and signatories to free the IPOB Leader and consider the conduction of a referendum.

 And if Nigeria thinks, that it would be as lucky as the Sri Lankans whom with the help of friends subdued The Tigers, then it would be a gross miscalculation. Nigeria lost that chance 54 years ago, after failed to truly accept the Biafrans, it consciously chased out of the Nigerian union three years earlier. Nigeria is not in the position to survive another civil war, when taking cognizance of the geopolitical mountains currently surrounding it, not only in the west Africa, in the wider African continent but also within itself. The Nigeria of 1966-70 is no longer the Nigeria of 2024. May reason prevail over obscenity.

Written By Family Writers Press International

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