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Comparative Study About The Distance Between Some States In The East Vs Lagos & Abuja

 Comparative Study About The Distance Between Some States In The East Vs Lagos & Abuja As the call for the revitalization of the Eastern...

 Comparative Study About The Distance Between Some States In The East Vs Lagos & Abuja

As the call for the revitalization of the Eastern economy, in order to attract domestic/foreign direct investments for the benefits of its people, residents as well as infrastructural development and boost in various key sector such as the transportation and aviation industry, continues to gain potential momentum.

Also taking cognizance of the less known fact, about these two international airlines namely Qatar airways and Ethiopian airlines, whom in defiance to the decades-long Nigerian government's economic strangulation policies against the east, continues to conduct active aerial trips to Igweocha (Port Harcourt) and Enugu respectively. 

Family Writers Press International has conducted an extensive comparative study of the distance between the Lagos, Abuja – where most of these incoming diaspora trips – per government policies are enforced to take place and Enugu, Portharcout where these two international airlines conduct their trips simultaneously.

The aim of this study is simply to bring to the knowledge of the Eastern population, residents, indigenes tourists, business figures/personalities and others about this development to alleviate stress, cost of transportation as well as time essence.

N/B: This study was conducted and corroborated via credible, multiple online sources. Read below:

✈Air/Land Trip Distance From Lagos To Some Eastern States:

Lagos –Enugu: 499km by air, 557.9km by land.

Lagos – Anambra: 412km by air, 459.8km by land.

Lagos – Ebonyi: 547km by air, 631.2km by land.

Lagos – Imo: 529km by air, 541.2km by land.

Lagos – Abia: 521km by air, 607.4 by land.

Delta – Lagos: 331km by air, 420.2km by land. 

✈Air/Land Trip Distance From Abuja To Eastern States:

Delta – Abuja: 266 miles by air, 428km by land.

Abia – Abuja: 551km by air, 612.1 by land.

Imo – Abuja: 396km by air, 552 by land.

Ebonyi – Abuja: 326km by air, 507 by land. 

Anambra – Abuja: 396km by air, 478.5km by land.

Enugu – Abuja: 291km by air, 446km by land.

✈đźš—Air/Land Trip Distance Within The Following Eastern States:

Igweocha(PH) – Enugu: 193km (120miles) by air, 233km (145miles) by land.

Igweocha(PH) – Imo: 79km (49miles) by air, 99km (61miles) by land.

Igweocha(PH) – Anambra: 166km(103miles) by air, 237km (147miles) by land.

Igweocha(PH) – Abia: 92km (57miles) by air, 121km (75miles) by land.

Igweocha(PH) – Ebonyi: 187km (116 miles) by air, 239km(187miles) by land.

Igweocha(PH) – Delta: 149km (93miles) by air, 179km (109miles) by land.


Enugu – Igweocha: 193km (120miles) by air, 253km (145miles) by land.

Enugu – Imo: 125km (78miles) by air, 144km (89.7miles)

Enugu –Anambra: 55km (34miles) by air, 65km (40miles) by land.

Enugu – Abia: 149km (89.4miles) by air, 178.6km (110miles) by land.

Enugu – Ebonyi: 55km (34miles) by air, 85km (53miles) by land. 

Enugu – Delta: 209km (130miles) by air, 297km (183miles) by land.

Notably, one can see that the distance from the East to Lagos or Abuja are grossly collosal while that within the east are relatively closer and expectedly would be less expensive. 

There no gainsaying that there would be no challenges or hurdles created by the powers that be, which are aimed to frustrate and discourage people plying these routes and to continue patronize the hegemony. But, by collective resistance, defiance and resoluteness the oppressors will grow weary. 

If these two international airlines could take these bold steps, defy the odds to conduct these flights in the east then the owners of the land should not allow state-sponsored hurdles to demoralize them from building the East, through concerted, consolidated efforts. 

Together We Can!

Family Writers Press International

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