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LAWLESSNESS: The DSS Have Turned To A Societal Hazard That Should Be Disbanded

 LAWLESSNESS: The DSS Have Turned To A Societal Hazard That Should Be Disbanded There is nothing so abusing as acting or overstepping your b...

 LAWLESSNESS: The DSS Have Turned To A Societal Hazard That Should Be Disbanded

There is nothing so abusing as acting or overstepping your boundaries.

The excesses of the Nigerian Department of State Services(DSS) have become worrisome.

For clarity, the National Security Agencies Decree of 1986 gave birth to three(3) establishments: the State Security Services (SSS), Defence Intelligence Service(DIS) and the National Intelligence Agency(NIA). Therefore, legally speaking, there is ought to be no such thing as DSS.

Hence, the reference as the Department of State Services(DSS) or secret police is politically expedient but legally incorrect. This arm of national security whose original duty is the protection of the president and the state governors is factually under the control of the presidency, actually in the office of the National Security Adviser(NSA) .

Furthermore, this important national security agency is supposed to discharge its activities to the extent allowed by law. Infact, whatever its conduct represents and reflects the constitutional behavior of the president and his lieutenants.

Regrettably, it is crystal clear that this security agency have little or no regard for the law it claims to enforce. Perhaps, it is worth stating that every government agency, including law enforcement, derive their power from an established law, beyond which it becomes ultra vire or overstepping power.

Surely, whether it is the executive, legislative or judicative arm, the same justice should be dispensed. That is why Lady Justice is blindfolded. She gives equal justice no matter who is involved.  

The DSS have shown disdain to Lady Justice and judicial pronouncements over the years. But recently have gone out of control with lawless activities. These, to mention but a few, include the destruction of the house of Chief Rochas Okorocha(former governor of Imo state), continued detention of Godwin(embattled former governor of Central Bank) and many others, even after courts ordered their release. And, refusal to obey many court orders directing that the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu be discharged and acquitted. DSS have beaten and dragged Omoyele Sowore inside the court hall, fought against prison warders after court gave a clear order for Godwin Emefiele to be taken to Kuje, and many more indecent acts. 

The recent disclosure by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu attorney, Barr. Aloy Ejimakor, regarding the seizure of a legal document he brought to his client at the DSS headquarter, Abuja, is crude, cringy and gross. It is emblematic and symptomatic of this presidency and the penchant for abuse of law.

As the lawyer has made known to the world via his X-handle;

"I just exited from today’s visitation with Onyendu #MNK. I took a critical legal document to him to preview but, as usual, the DSS seized the document & never brought it back until I left. MNK will NEVER BE TRIED under violations like this. It’s not a court-martial. #FairHearing."

These violation of rights and dehumanization of citizens, courts and its orders by the department calls for much needed attention, because the ill-character of the department has totally made them seem above the law. Perhaps, some elements within the presidency perceive themselves as the law, thereby co-opting the DSS as a presidential militia rather than an arm of national security. If an arm of government meant for national security is used deviously by people driven by political capital, then anarchy beckons. This should worry every reasonable citizen.

This is the very time to curtail the excesses of the secret police and prove to the whole world that the government is not in secret agreement with the misbehaviors of the department.

Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Daniel Chibueze

For Family Writers Press International

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