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Kaduna: Northern Nigeria Repeating The Chibok Girls Abduction Game They Played Against Goodluck Jonathan

 Northern Nigeria Repeating The Chibok Girls Abduction Game: A Plot To Prepare Tinubu's Government For A Possible Military Takeover The ...

 Northern Nigeria Repeating The Chibok Girls Abduction Game: A Plot To Prepare Tinubu's Government For A Possible Military Takeover

The socio-political environment in Nigeria is in total shambles with pandemonium rocking the whole places, leaving the masses in a political hanky-panky situation.

While it seemed the Nigerian government was busy last week scampering around with it's National Intelligence Agency and National Security Forces to bring to book individuals nurturing and fuelling a possible military takeover of the government among the masses, another distracting missile has been thrown at her from an undisclosed yet perceived direction.

This is palpable by most political analysts as the tension brewing in the Nigerian political space is conceivable considering the redeployment of the 2014 political gimmick known and employed by Northern cabals outplaying in the North and this time in a very strategic state where a good number of anti-Tinubu sentiments exists.

The infamous abduction of over 287 students of Government Secondary School in Kuriga, Chikun LGA of Kaduna State yesterday could be best described as a calculated repeat of the CHIBOK GIRLS ABDUCTION GAME that took place in 2014 against the government of Goodluck Jonathan which are still in captivity till date.  

One may wish to ask, but how is this related to CHIBOK case?  However, It will be foolhardy for anybody to deny that CHIBOK case wasn't a pure political campaign against the government of Goodluck Jonathan weaponized by Northern cabals to prepare the displacement of Jonathan's PDP government and their APC takeover. Also, a close scrutiny into recent polity in Nigeria will reveal answers to anyone  who is critical of the multi-dimensional politics Tinubu is playing.

It would be quite absurd to invalidate this analysis from the recent abduction of over 287 students in Kaduna as not serving as North's covert political retaliation plot against Tinubu over his anti-north policies so far. Taking a close scrutiny, one would discover a typical repetition of CHIBOK case here, where over 400 school girls were kidnapped by bandits (although then Boko Haram claimed responsibility), as a tool to ensure Tinubu's government is made ungovernable so as to create more room for a possible coup campaign.

Begging for questions like:

Who are behind these kidnappings in the north?

Who controls and bankrolls these bandits?

What objective does these bandits achieve by kidnapping school children?

Why was the abduction after the call to arrest coup plotters?

Who are those plotting the coup? 

From what region of the country are they from?

Why are there too many anti-Tinubu sentiments in the North than anywhere else?

Until we find answers to these questions, stay calm and watch how the North weaponize this Kuriga abduction to demand policy changes from the Tinubu led government. 

Furthermore, the difference between 2014 Chibok case with this recent Kuriga abduction is that while the former served as a de-marketing stunt on Goodluck Jonathan for a possible civilian takeover through the ballot, the later is serving a similar role but for a possible military takeover. Hence, the crackdown on some notable Northern individuals who were suspected coup plotters.

Meanwhile, IPOB in her best strategic position are ever watchful and articulative of the multifaceted political situations in Nigeria. While the rift between Tinubu and his Northern lovers last, Biafrans must remain vigilant and calculative as to decipher their timely moves and tactics inorder to make best decisions regarding our collective interests.

At the end, our land will experience economic development and Biafra restored.

Written by: Oguwuike Kelechi Chukwuezi 

For Family Writers Press International.

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