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Opinion: The Nigerian Army In Disguise Justifies IPOB/ESN Again

Opinion: The Nigerian Army In Disguise Justifies IPOB/ESN Again  I just read a "Press Release" made by the Nigerian Army and poste...

Opinion: The Nigerian Army In Disguise Justifies IPOB/ESN Again 

I just read a "Press Release" made by the Nigerian Army and posted on it's X verified page. In that Press Release, the Nigerian Army claimed that they bursted IPOB/ESN terrorists camp at Orsu in Imo State in the ongoing military exercise which began last month and tagged “Operation UdoKa" in the South East region. According to them, they neutralized many ESN members and recovered many arms.

While I was still reading the said Press Release which was misguiding, some items they mentioned and claimed to have recovered got my attention and immediately prompted me for this reply.

Before I go any further, let me first clarify to the Nigerian Army and to those they intend to deceive with this false information that since 2015 and till now, the Federal Government of Nigeria have not been able to prove that IPOB is a terrorist organisation in a case still pending and begging to be attended to in the Nigerian Federal High Court under Justice Binta Nyako. So, this single act of the Nigerian Army calling IPOB/ESN a terrorist organisation had made them liars. IPOB and ESN are not terrorists and so, the Nigerian Army needs to tender an apology to IPOB.

Now, amongst many things the Nigerian Army enlisted to have recovered when they bursted the acclaimed terrorists camp in Orsu was "two Army Uniforms" belonging to the Biafra Liberation Force, a military wing or rather a terrorist organisation set up by Finland based criminal Simon Ekpa, an agent of the Nigerian government in the fight to destroy IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. This is another justification in disguise that the camp does not belong to IPOB/ESN.  In many occasions, IPOB have continued to distance self and it's good works for ndị Igbo and Biafrans in general from Simon Ekpa and his Autopilot criminals activities. 

Simon Ekpa is not an IPOB member and it is on record that he is the founder of the Biafra Liberation Army and also the Biafra Resistance Fighters which the Nigerian Army recovered its uniforms.  If the Nigerian Army bursted their camp and dislodged them, what does that have to do with ESN and IPOB? When has ESN started using Biafra Liberation Army uniform? Another Nigerian Army lie that justified in disguise that IPOB/ESN is not the perpetrators of the criminal activities in the South East region.

If the Nigerian Army bursted and confiscated certificates belonging to the criminal group, what connections does that have with ESN and IPOB?  There are absolutely no connections whatsoever.

Can the Nigerian Army boldly claim that they are not aware when the Federal Government through Simon Ekpa used money to lure some ESN members and commanders out to join Simon Ekpa's criminal gang? Somebody like Baron Gentle Lion whom they constantly mentioned his name in the video they also published along with the pictures was lured out of ESN by Simon Ekpa. 

Furthermore, the Nigerian Army contradicted it's claims when it made mention of the criminal "Butuzor" and claimed that Butuzor is part of the Nnamdi Kanu led Eastern Security Network whom they bursted and destroyed their hideouts. This shows that the Nigerian military has brains but cannot reason properly. Can one recall how many times Mazi Chinasa Nworu mentioned Butuzor’s name on Radio Biafra live programs? Uncountable.

 Mazi Chinasa Nworu has constantly mentioned Butuzor’s name on radio Biafra that he is a terrorist causing mayhem in Biafraland.  For a very long time now, Butuzor was declared wanted by ESN for his criminal activities in our land but has not been captured. 

If not to mislead and to claim unreal and undeserved glories, why would Nigerian Army tag IPOB/ESN over bursting a camp that does not belong to them?

ESN camps cannot be invaded. Any Force that will try to invade ESN camps will not succeed and the more they try, the more they are roping themselves into a journey of no return.

Last but not the least, IPOB through their press statement countlessly have said, that ESN has no camp or camps in Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State. The Nigerian Army must learn to be professional and truthful while discharging it's duties.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James for 

Family Writers Press International.

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