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Why Are Igbo Elites Scared Of Calling Out The Killers Of Their Own People?

 Why Are Igbo Elites Scared Of Calling Out The Killers Of Their Own People?  It is no longer news that on April 28th 2024, the people of Nim...

 Why Are Igbo Elites Scared Of Calling Out The Killers Of Their Own People? 

It is no longer news that on April 28th 2024, the people of Nimbo, and the people of Ugwujoro both in Uzouwani Local Government Area, in Enugu State saw a level of fulani herdsmen terrorist attacks that they have not seen in a while now. 

These fulani terrorists simultaneously stormed these communities, unleashed their carnage on its defenseless villagers. killing men, women and children in their numbers. Over 10 people had been confirmed dead 24 hours later, with many others missing and unaccounted for, search are reportedly still being conducted by community volunteers.

Those who managed to survive these attacks, deserted their homes and villages, As security agencies both on the federal  level and state level are no where to be found. 

Of course, many Igbo indigenes, sympathizers around the world condemned this gruesome attack, and demanded intervention from state authorities to return security to these communities and bring the terrorists to book- a demand they understand is quite likely not to be heeded to, given that most 

But, notably amongst all these commotion. Is that Igbo elites, ruling class, so-called intellectuals and their associates have been absentia since this act of terrorism was committed against these Igbo communities in Enugu state. Those who salvaged the balls to condemned this attack like the former presidential candidate of Labor Party, Mr. Peter Obi refrained from stating the name (fulani herdsmen) of the obvious perpetrators of this attack.

Recently, the governor of the state, Gov. Peter Mbah has been accused not only by community men and women in Enugu state, but also the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) movement, of having concluded plans to confiscate communal lands directly and through proxies, to give to these fulani terrorists under the false guise of  "ranching and settlements" as well as importing unknown, numerous Islamists essentially fulanis into various communities of the state, an act which experts says is aimed towards changing the demography of Enugu state.

This latest attack by the fulanis and the irresponsiveness of his government, administration has demonstrated that his loyalty indeed is not to those that elect him, but to those he is trying to appease in exchange for selfish political favors.

So, why is Igbo ruling/elite class fearful to speak out when their people are being killed. Why the paint in words, in the face of all out terrorism? 

Why are terrorists not being called out for who they truly are with their names attached? 

Why are the so-called Igbo intellectuals silent, now over the recent fulani terrorism. Would they have stayed silent, if this had concerned IPOB or the Eastern security Network (ESN), who are actually involved in the business of combating these marauding 4th most deadliest terrorist group, according to global terrorism index? 

The truth remains that these recent attack is a child's play, compared to what that has transpired in the past prior to the advent of IPOB and ESN, even they are fighting not only the fulani terror herdsmen but also installed or supposedly elected state and local authorities who are protecting these terrorists at the behest and request of the Fulani oligarchy that controls the Nigerian government and its security apparatus.

Underlying catastrophe and Fulani sleeper cells with their cattles destroying crops and farms are being reported not only in Enugu, but also deep inside communities in Anambra State.  Various communities as reported by Family Writers Press International for example Nnewi hosts various illegal Fulani settlements whom are being protected by the influential and wealthy within the state even though records of spontaneous and underreported attacks against indigenous villagers, residents obtains. They are ultimately swept under the rug, just for pecuniary and selfish political reasons.

The defense of these affected communities in uzouwani LGA, Enugu and by extension the entire Eastern region today rests on the shoulders of IPOB and ESN.  

The Enugu state government is yet to comment on a tragedy that happened within his jurisdiction, 24 hrs later. Nigeria Security forces remains dead silence unlike them, when it comes to attack communities who stood up against the herdsmen or IPOB/Biafra agitators.

Since, the state has abandoned the people. Then the people must take matters of defense of their lives and properties into their own hands. And that is what the Eastern Security Network stands for– to fill in the gaps, consciously left porous by the state due to its ulterior conceptions against the eastern people.

IPOB and ESN are after all, our last line of defense. It is time we all acknowledge this reality and collective take the necessary steps. Imposed stooges cannot surmount the collective will of the majority (people) especially when it concerns the survival of our race.

Family Writers Press International

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