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Close Your Office If There Is No Power To Distribute

Close Your Office If There Is No Power To Distribute In a recent general outburst calling for the closure of the Enugu Electricity Distribut...

Close Your Office If There Is No Power To Distribute

In a recent general outburst calling for the closure of the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) in the South East region, since the company have for reasons best known to them decided to eternally keep the region in unexplainable darkness compared to other regions in Nigeria, Family Writers Press International has came across a very arrogant reply by EEDC’S Management. 

The arrogance echoed by EEDC is clearly the reason people are calling for its outright ejection in the South East,  since they feel no remorse for turning our region into a kingdom of Darkness by not living up to the purpose of their establishment and commitment.

To start with, EEDC has no reputation in the South East region as the management claimed that the public call for the closure of EEDC in the region is targeted at destroying it's reputations.  EEDC has no reputation in the South East and so should not expect the destruction of what it does not have. 

EEDC can only have a reputation if it have lived up to its responsibility and expectations by constantly supplying of electricity. Not one of the five South Eastern states can boast of 72hrs electricity supply in every 14 days, meaning that the South East region is the worst in terms of electricity supply across the whole of Nigeria.

While reading through the long but empty EEDC's statement, it became glaring that the company in its reply was only trying to defend itself,  that it is not to be blamed if the South East is not constantly supplied electricity, and that the blame should be directed towards the Generation Company (GenCo) and the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) for not generating and supplying them the electricity to distribute. 

It claimed that it is the Power that is generated and transmitted to it, from the National Grid that it will distribute to the people of the South East region and that if the Power apportioned to them is not enough, there won't be power to distribute.

The above statement is the reason EDDC should quit the region and allow capable company to take over. This also is exactly why EEDC and the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) placed the price of meter at a whooping sum of 170,000 Naira so that everyone could not afford it.  So, they will have the criminal permit to excessively bill our people as it pleases them, when they are connected directly to the pole without meters. 

At Aguleri in Anambra State in 2021, one of our correspondence narrated to us how an EEDC/PHCN official was beaten to stupor for trying to disconnect the electrical cable of a house that refused to pay the illegal monthly EEDC bill of one thousand five hundred naira (N1,500). Our correspondent was in Aguleri and for that very month in 2021,  nobody saw EEDC's power supply in the town but EEDC came to collect  money for the service they did  not render. This is just one out of many accounts, where the EEDC has been found guilty of extorting our people remorselessly.

This goes to tell that this epileptic or no power supply by EEDC in our region did not start today. It started a very long time ago and having tested our patience all these while, Ndigbo will not tolerate EEDC any longer in the South East region.

EEDC's incompetence and not ready to serve the region is the reason the GenCo and the TCN are not generating and  transmitting enough power to the region if the claim of EEDC is anything to go by. 

 However, "if there is no power to distribute", kindly close down your offices and leave the region peacefully because the people cannot continue paying for what we didn't use. Alaigbo cannot continue in endless darkness because of flimsy excuses. Step aside and let other generating companies that will centralize power generation in the South East and if you wish, you can retain your position as a distribution company and work in synergy with them for maximum efficiency. 

The South East region is the least that enjoys electricity supply in the whole of Nigeria. 

The West has Lagos, and Lagos  enjoys electricity supply at least for complete 72 hours in a week.

The North has Abuja and Abuja also  enjoys electricity supply just like Lagos. There is no state in the South East that can boast of 23hrs steady light at least for a day in a week, yet we pay excess bills even when no service is rendered.

Talking about vandalising of electrical cables, although it is a crime and condemnable, but it cannot be stopped since those cables are mere decorations hanging on poles with no currents running through them. In situations where you excessively bill people and forcibly collect the money from them for the service you did not render, they can do anything at least to recover some of their money. When they disconnect your cables and sell, you call it vandalism but when you excessively bill them and forcibly collect the money from them, you deem it normal and acceptable.

 EEDC must listen to the voice of the people to either buckle up or quietly close down their offices and exit the region in peace before the unexpected begin to happen. Enough of the milking. Alaigbo would rather stay without a hope of electricity supply than accepting to stay with a useless burden like EEDC.

 Family Writers Press International.

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