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EEDC's Blame Shifting Will Not Solve The Electricity Challenge In The South East

EEDC's Blame Shifting Will Not Solve The Electricity Challenge In The South East The Management of Enugu Electricity Distribution Compan...

EEDC's Blame Shifting Will Not Solve The Electricity Challenge In The South East

The Management of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company(EEDC) have responded to serial accusations made by a whole host of concerned or rather displeased citizens, indigenes of the South East, including the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) movement, where the company is accused of undue extortive billings, hegemonic control over the region's electricity supply as well as irresponsible conducts and inconsistent power supply.

The company in reaction through a statement issued on 6th May 2024, claimed that EEDC cannot be held responsible for the lack of electricity supply to the South East as it is in essence, a distribution company which supplies energy generated and allocated to it by the generation companies at the national grid. 

In view of this, it is imperative to highlight that the accusations being laid against EEDC in the regard of inconsistent power supply to the South East and more, has always centered around it being only a distribution company with colossal limited, yet exerting and asserting hegemonic control, dominance, and frustrating efforts being made by concerned individuals, institutions or even state governments to diversify power generation/supply chain to their respective jurisdiction in the region.

A practical example is Geometric Power Generation Company(GPGC) - the brainstorming initiative of Dr. Barth Nnaji in Abia state, which in confirmation by an investigative report published by the Business Day, faced severe coordinated attacks, sabotage and frustration from the machinations deployed by Cheif Emeka Offor, CEO of the EEDC, just a little after the successful launching of the company few months ago when its logical conclusion and functionality was attained. 

Developments and accusations like the above are abound, bringing us to ask the following questions:

Why is the whole South East Nigeria [old eastern region) which was known as the economic power house of Nigeria shortly after independence, with its GDP Power Purchasing Parity competing with most advanced world economies still struggling with constant energy supply or rather has been taken hostage by an ordinary Distribution company which deflects responsibility for the lack of power supply? 

Why is the Region whose economy by the admission of foriegn independent, reputable sources was growing at the rate  of 40% yearly before the pogroms of 1966 and Biafra genocide of 1967-70, today still cannot boast of the least mundane thing - electricity, to its citizen?

Why is the region which has produced sons and daughters whom had previously and are currently occupying sophisticated positions in various sections of human endeavor globally, don't have electricity in their home states? 

Why is the region, home town of the Director General Of the World Trade Organization, Mrs Ngozi Okonji-Iweala, not been able to boast of at least 10 hours of electricity ? 

The above pertinent questions and many more, are what Indigenous People Of Eastern Nigeria - home and  diaspora - must ask themselves and begin to make demands. 

The prime determinant factor behind the above enumerated achievements of our progenitors is simply power supply. 

No modern economy runs effectively without sufficient, seamless power supply. And if we wish to rebuild the economy of the east to its former glory and more or at the very least, attain a fraction of what was achieved by our ancestors half a century ago, then the excuses of Cheif Emeka Offor and the EEDC cannot be entertained for any reason. 

Selective charity and philanthropic services rendered to few members of the society cannot be shortchanged or equated to the collective need of our people, region, aimed at meaningful progress, success and advancement. 

If Alaigbo can produce son and daughters whom are serving the world in various capacities, yielding exponentially to the undivided benefit of the hosts, then she deserves to have a taste from the fruits of her labor. 

EEDC should either step up -  from sitting in their comfort zone of just distributing what the Incompetent national grid gives to it and begin to make efforts to commence power generation- or step out from the center stage for others whom are willing to do so, and that efficiently. 

If EEDC wish to retain its position as a distribution company, then it can work with forthcoming, existing generation companies that would centralize power generation in the South East. This would ensure stable and efficient power supply and stabilize the supply chain. 

The reason this Tinubu's administration liberalized the power supply chain is because of the dilapidated state of the national grid sector and its ineffectiveness - to put it mildly, unsalvageable 

Alaigbo cannot be hoodwinked to wait on a dead, comatose engine for her survival and advancement.

Ndigbo will not continue to allow it!

Family Writers Press International

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