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Excerpts From Mazi Chinasa Nworu Broadcast On The Night Of May 01, 2024

 Excerpts From Mazi Chinasa Nworu Broadcast On The Night Of May 01, 2024 A Compilation by Family Writers Press International  Fellow Biafran...

 Excerpts From Mazi Chinasa Nworu Broadcast On The Night Of May 01, 2024

A Compilation by Family Writers Press International 

Fellow Biafrans and lovers of freedom, thank you for the opportunity to come and preach. Radio Biafra is where we battle the contraption called Nigeria and on Radio Biafra,  we educate our people on things they don't know or understand.

This time is ripe for separating the chaff from the wheat. Our people have many distractions on social media. We know that many will perish, not everyone will be saved. However, we shall deliver our people.

Two topics  are to be discussed on tonight and I am ready to spend as much time as possible for that to ensure that our people are properly educated against the misinformation of government agents.

 On Radio Biafra  we educate our people, inform them to be liberated from the mental  slavery imposed on us.

We are in the month of our Heroes remembrance. It is our duty to educate our people, especially the new ones. This is because it is clear now that Nigeria have  entered the social media after realizing that the Biafra ideology cannot be quashed by barrels of guns and bullets.

We have entered the month of Biafra anniversary. May 30th is the actual day, but from today the story of Biafra begins. 

IPOB media warriors are encouraged to be on ground to interview   our elders. 

 We must keep reminding the world that they failed Biafrans until they do the needful. 

It should be known that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu initiated and popularized this Biafran anniversary event.

Biafrans and all IPOB Media warriors must in the spirit of commemoration, write extensively about the genocide on Biafra from 1967-70. Make documentaries, conduct live interviews with Biafran veterans about their feelings on what transpired during that genocide and till now. 

In 2016, Biafrans came out to rally in commemoration of the Biafran Heroes Day but they got massacred by the Nigerian Army. Because of this massacre, we employed sit at home instead of rallying.

 On May 30, 2024, there will be a total lockdown of Biafraland starting from 5:am.

On May 30th, Mazi Chika Edoziem will  also speak to Biafrans in a nationwide live address that would be anchored from Radio Biafra.

 On May 5th, Nnamdi Kanu's wife, Lọlọ Uchechi Kanu will be live on Radio Biafra.

It was Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who started this Biafran Heroes anniversary in 2013.

 Nigerian government destroyed the Cenotaph built in Enugu State in memory of Biafran Heroes and Heroines. 

In 2016, Nigerian military massacred our people who came out in Nkpor, Anambra State. 

In 2017, the IPOB leadership decided to use sit at home for our anniversary to avoid the Nigerian Army massacre.

 In 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 respectively, IPOB maintained the use of total lockdown in Biafraland for this same anniversary. 

Subsequently, people that know about Biafra will be featured on Radio Biafra to talk about their experiences. 

We also have the official flyer for the May 30 anniversary.

On the 30th of May 2024, there will be a total lockdown of Biafraland in honor of the fallen Biafran heroes &  heroines for their esteemed sacrifices and patriotism. 

The IPOB Head of Directorate Of State,  Mazi Chika Edoziem will also be giving a Landmark Address to Biafrans worldwide and to the global community.

The few people written on the flyer do not in any way represent the pogrom that Biafrans have been subjected to, neither will it replace the unaddressed and unprovoked massacres but only serve as few examples.

Every official social media platforms of IPOB, groups and pages should as a matter of urgency change their profile pictures with the new Biafran anniversary poster that have been released in other to create awareness about the 30th May Biafran Heroes Day commemoration.

The chronology of several killings of Igbo/Biafrans are well documented and will be displayed for the international community to see. 

There are numerous attacks against Biafrans and I am  trying to give few examples. In all,  IPOB have documented over 110 incidents of massacres and so,  we have a million reasons to separate from Nigeria.

Biafrans are obliged to conduct rigorous research about the killings, pogroms, massacres that has been meted against Biafra since the British colonial era down to 1945, till date.

This atrocities against us must be brought to the fore, to the knowledge of the international community.

Although, IPOB has made our own documentary on the catalog of the massacres against our race.

This topics must be discussed on Radio Biafra by guests during programs for the anniversary celebration.

 Even though the Nigerian DSS hijacked our SIT-AT-HOME, come May 30 we will show them that IPOB controls Biafraland. 

Of course, some parents would want to be used by the Nigerian government to remind us that their children are writing WASSCE. 

Whatever acronym they will come up with this time,  we will not tolerate such nonsense. 

Anyone that makes themselves available for government propaganda will receive IPOB treatment.

Anyone you see talking rubbish countering the 30th May sit at home order on Social Media, you shouldn't need any authorization to descend on them. Make sure you cure them their madness as they are agents of distraction.

You have to understand that these things are important in our lives and so should not in anyway be subjected to ridicule. 

We must not entertain any social media settling of personal issues with the Biafra anniversary celebration. We must learn to separate between  beliefs and values. We must defend and protect our land for the sake of our children and ancestors. We must use this celebration to protest and put on the front barner the Biafra issue. 

On the 30th May 2024, the land of Bịafra will lockdown. This is NOT in line with the Sit-At-Home order which was hijacked by the Nigerian DSS rather, a once-in-a-year tradition that has endured for nearly a decade and we are not going to stop honoring those who paid the ultimate price for the survival  of our race.

There will be no excuse for that day. Not WAEC, NECO, anything or person can stop our Biafra Heroes commemoration Day via sit at home on May 30th and so take note, markets and businesses will be closed on that day.

Biafrans are not the only ones who are remembering those who died in defense of their land, sovereignty and Freedom.

We don't intimidate people but you know that May 30 is for our anniversary and it MUST be a total lockdown. We have been doing it and we expect a total compliance.

I first listened to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in 2011. He started Radio Biafra with Uche Mefor but the Indiginous People Of Biafra (IPOB) as a movement came in  at the suggestion of one Mr Onyeali who called in, on Radio Biafra and suggested that IPOB start with instituting IPOB families around the world. 

In all these, I have never heard that IPOB was started by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his  cousin Kanunta Kanu even when  Kanunta goes about telling people so.

 As  a matter of fact, I heard a person address them as the DOS and the leadership. 

 On the other hand, the politicians thought that since they pocketed the brothers, as soon as they kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, they thought that they have cornered IPOB leadership, so they made a decision to strike. They demanded that they handover ESN and since the siblings have no control over ESN, they  created criminals.

I have been a covert third party in a meeting where Kanunta and Fine Boy were being addressed as members of the DOS. This is not about hearsay, I was a witness to it.

They have tried to infiltrate the IPOB leadership and to hijack ESN at the behest of the Politicians. It was when we resisted that, that they created agent provocateurs and criminal cells in our land. 

So people gullibly thought they are the leadership while the politicians just believed they had IPOB where they wanted.

 Kanunta was communicating with the abductors of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Mazi Madubugwu contacted him severally but he assured us that everything was fine.

 However, immediately Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was extraordinarily renditioned, Kanunta came out to accuse DOS.

 When we instituted SIT-AT-HOME, he countered it. 

The bottom line is that the siblings are not IPOB members and does not belong to the IPOB DOS.

 They are just meddling and messing up things. They have gone to sensitive places and claimed that they are IPOB leadership. This is how politicians used them to cause confusion.

They fought us to seize the leadership but all of you stood your ground and said NO. That was when they saw that they failed but instead of surrendering, they went and tried to convince Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to allow Bridget and other questionable characters to become part of the DOS. The plan was to infiltrate the DOS and to cause division. When they failed in that path, they started threatening and blackmailing and the fight rages on. 

The siblings of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been causing problems in IPOB.

I am saying to him, to stop telling people in the back that he is the next-in-line after #MNK. 

 He should come and tell Biafrans publicly and stop being a coward. 

At a time, they  lied that Nelly Ofoegbu and Mrs Bridget were members of the DOS.   This  misinformation and lies were used to create confusion in IPOB.  These people mentioned  were never members of the DOS.

People were killed in Imo State for standing with the IPOB leadership.

 IPOB senatorial coordinator, Orsu coordinator were all killed as well.

 He went where they were scheming  with the politicians about the hijacked Sit-At-Home, he took exception and was later assassinated by the  person they call "Sky"

Innocent people were killed. IPOB coordinator in ORSU was killed after he saw what they were doing. They killed them because they stood firmly with the DOS and refused to compromise.

Someone called me from America and told me that Kanunta held a meeting with Simon Ekpa and the plan was to make Simon Ekpa the front man.

 Nigeria government budgeted billions and over 70% of that money was spent in America.

 Some DOS members became double agents and once a decision was taken, before implementation, Kanunta already knew and has begun to counter it.

 That was how bad the early days were.

Even outside the visitation days, we know all the smuggling of politicians to meet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in custody that were initiated by his siblings.

 Mazi Nnamdi Kanu siblings do not care about this struggle nor cared about those that have died for the struggle. As for them, the struggle is a business and so they are ready to be exploiting it. 

Let me sound this clearly, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu siblings are not IPOB members.

 ESN  must be protected by all means. There is no way politics will be allowed to creep in and destroy this two line of defense that Biafrans have. We will protect them until we die.

 There is a reason anyone that joined this struggle from 2012 is still in this struggle. We are the gatekeepers. 

We have tried to manage this thing for a long time, it is time we call a spade a spade. If Kanunta feels he is a man enough, he should come out to tell us that he has formed his own group. As for this IPOB, he cannot destroy it.

There will always be problem and that is part of life. We can't force people to listen or dwell on manufactured problems. 

Things are falling apart in Biafraland.

In March 9, 2024, after Mazi Chika Edoziem announced that our youths should go back to farming, Facebook suddenly announced that they are going to be monetizing  Facebook for Nigerian contents creators. That is how they work on the mindset of our people as our young people are now waiting for Facebook to start paying them. 

Now, everyone is coming up with whatever they call content instead of heeding the timely advice from IPOB leadership to go back into farming.

 That is how our youths are brainwashed. Everyone is chasing shadows while the work with scrupulous politicians to take our land and hand it over to Fulani herdsmen are secretly ongoing.

Things are falling apart in Nigeria and in our region and we cannot be preoccupied with frivolities. 

This has brought us to the issue about the politicians in our land.

Our tiny land  they called "dot in a circle"  is what they want to occupy under the guise of "Fulani Settlement". Before you know it, they will start vying for council position and other political posts in Biafraland and then you start hearing the gibberish of "politics is a game of numbers".

We are not going to accept that.

Nigeria government has told Facebook to engage our people who are using Facebook so as to distract them from going back to farming. They said that they don't want us to go back to farming.

 We commend the Bayelsa State government for keying into the idea of going back to farming.

 No Igbo governor will adopt it because they are cowards and anti-IPOB. They would rather rally the army and engage ESN that is battling the terrorists in the bushes.

After IPOB gave a warning to Arthur Eze N'Ukpo, Miyetti Allah came to his defense. 

Let me take this time to inform Arthur Eze that we don't look at faces.

 The barracks and police command are working with the Fulani criminals and they are running a joint kidnap syndicate.

 Look at what happened in Enugu, has any otelectual commented?

 If it is in the north, they will be all over the social media condemning it.

 There are no real men in Nimbo. They are all Fulani stooges  and saboteurs. They prefer to collect cow in exchange for giving out important information to IPOB.

 Infact, their women have balls. Be that as it may, ESN has a plan!

How can people be in rainforest and can't be food self sufficient? 

 Facebook is deceiving you. Some people are going to gym. Gyms are for entertainment. The people showing muscles from gyms are now running away from fight.

 Everyone should have a farm. 

How do you expect food to be brought when there is war? Do you want your enemy that has always threatened you with food seizure to be the one providing you food or do you want to eat a fellow human? Go back to farming so that we can be food self sufficient.

The government of Enugu and Anambra States always collude to send military to attack ESN positions while ESN conducts it's duty in combating the Fulani terrorists in our forests.

They will not talk about it because it is not a criminality they can shout and pin  on IPOB. 

Our people are being attacked in Nimbo  because of the sabotage of the people within. 

The vulnerability of these communities are as a result of collusion with the Fulani terrorists. Many of our operatives in there were compromised, arrested & detained by the doings of the community men. The women of Nimbo are by comparison, in terms of patriotism better than their men.

We (IPOB) don't care to know whom Arthur Eze is. Let him respect himself or have himself to blame.

For your information, the terrorism charges instituted against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has a death penalty and the evidence to do that are activities of those criminals you people are chanting their names and hailing their criminalities to ride on.

Please, I am not generalizing, but most of these your aunties in America are side chicks for politicians. They really don't know their left from right. 

That is why Aloy Ejimakor will say that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's charge may carry death penalty yet they are clapping for them to ride on.

 Now,  some of our politicians are avoiding America and going to Australia. They think we don't know their  whereabouts. We are just waiting for the right time.

 Let me warn every IPOB principal officer that the aim of Nigeria government is not only to kidnap Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They want the same thing for IPOB principal officers.

IPOB principal officers must be very careful. The Nigerian government is not only after #MNK but to destroy IPOB point blank.

"Never you put down your weapon because your enemy smiled at you".

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must remain strong. The IPOB leadership is covertly and strategically working for his release. Our plans will remain confidential just like the enemies are planning, so are we also planning but miles ahead of them.

 Now, they believe they have enough evidence so they want to speed up the court process. 

They are now smiling and are now delving into social media. 

I am using this evening to call on our media warriors to stop the demonization. We have made our points clear and we must understand that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have lost his brothers to Simon Ekpa and  criminals.

 Please let us cease fire. Let us not destroy him or give the enemy an opportunity to take advantage of the bad situation. It is possible that he was wrongly advised by some of those who visits him but it doesn't mean that when issues arise that we won't handle them. We will.


Why is Biafra land in darkness?

 I want to talk about EEDC ( Eweta Ewelu Destruction Company). It is categorically clear that the law empowering states to generate their own electricity has been signed by president Bola Ahmed Tinubu but Emeka Offor who fellowships with Sultan of Sokoto, the highest importer of generators in Nigeria  blackmails South East governors to the extent that they can't lift a muscle to address the over billing and total darkness because they are cowards.

 It is known that EEDC is not a GENCO but a DISCO. Even the current Ebonyi State governor who demanded that EEDC improves services was asked to pay Two Hundred and Forty Seven  Billion Naira for a guaranteed electricity. 


 Even governor Soludo signed an Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with this criminal called Emeka Ọffọr  after paying 100 Billion Naira. Yet, there is no electricity in Anambra State. 

Soludo can't say "pim"  because he and other politicians like him are  afraid of the unleashing of assassination squad on them.

Emeka Ọffọr is only a middle man yet he is the one holding the entire South East hostage.

 Meter is supposed to be given free but Emeka Ọffọr's EEDC is selling it as high as One Hundred and Seventy Thousand (170,000)  Naira.

I am using this opportunity  to declare that the fight to make sure that South East enjoys steady power supply lies on the shoulders of every IPOB member and ESN. 

If they can't provide South East with steady power supply, we will have no option than to chase them away from our land. 

For them to avert trouble from bad actors that might act like they are IPOB,  they must provide South East with steady power supply.

I am sure that Soludo has found out that it is not about being a professor or a former governor of Central Bank, governing a state is much different. 

He can now see  'how'  coward he is because he cannot even tackle the thieves he paid money to,  but could not deliver the jobs he paid them for.

South East governors must begin to take charge and deliver the least of what is being expected of them,  "common" electricity supply.

And if EEDC fail to deliver, IPOB/ESN will have no choice but shutdown their offices across the South East region. 

Let them go to the North and do that 'rubbish'  with them.

What makes you a leader in South East is to tackle evil people. 

Okezie Ikpeazu spent 8 years in power without constructing even a kilometer of road.

 Ordinary road you can't build for 8 years while people are going to the moon and building bridges across oceans.

 When they tell you how some people are used to disrupt you, instead of you to employ people who can counteract them,  you claim ignorant about how you do not believe such things. 

We are Biafrans, we must not  allow people to use our brains and for that reason, instead of you to be using Mondays to do unauthorized sit at homes, then we will henceforth use the same Mondays for farming if you are tired of going to the markets on Mondays.

 Even churches that operate on Mondays should tell their members to use Mondays as farming day.

 I know that after this broadcast the governors will call off Monday SIT-AT-HOME and ask workers to return to work.

Biafrans,  this is not an order please. I have not ordered that Mondays are henceforth farming days.

 We are only pleading and  encouraging our people to go back to farming.

The Government, state affiliated and private sectors, religious institutions who were all kicking against the defunct Mondays  Sit-At-Home has now adjusted to begin to use these same Mondays for their personal activities. 

So, on this premises, since everyone has decided to add Mondays as a leisure day, we will implore that our people in the homeland begin to use this day to engage in some farming activities.

 Use this Monday to cultivate something for you and your family.

IPOB Media warriors are encouraged to take this up and educate our people.

 This is not an order rather a passionate appeal for our people to take part in this agricultural revolution in Biafraland.

A couple of months ago,  the appeal against the proscription of IPOB was handed to Aloy Ejimakor but to our greatest surprise, they didn't inform us or put up an update concerning it.

  Aloy Ejimakor can handle the case of  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because he is a Special Counsel.

 However, when it comes to IPOB, he should not be found anywhere near it because Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not the only one involved as long as it is IPOB  issue.

 Yesterday they went to court and everything was dismissed. When they saw what was about to happen, they ran away and left the case to someone who doesn't know he was representing IPOB. 

IPOB is the center of information. We researched and investigate.

 In 2015, when IPOB case was raging, Aloy Ejimakor convinced someone to help him enter the case to make at least 2 million dollars. So he just took the case as a money venture.

IPOB now do due diligence before allowing anyone into important position unlike in the past. We have learnt our lesson the hard way.

         C A L L S 


"What can we do to thwart the scheming  of agent provocateurs and siblings of Onyendu #MNK and Aloy Ejimakor or are we going to let them destroy what we have built so far"? 

Answered: We are not waiting for anyone. 

We are already putting up a resistance and will continue to do so. That we are all here today is because we are still fighting and have not given up. We know that we are fighting criminality in Biafraland, but lets face the fact that as long as we are still in Nigeria, criminality will not totally leave Biafraland. The Nigerian security forces remains the brain-box  behind it all. 

But, we are equal to the task and will continue to do everything within our might to curtail it.

I know some of our people do want us to make certain pronouncements with regards to these people misbehaving with the name of IPOB & the Biafra struggle but we are being strategical in all we are doing. 

We are not kids and cannot be manipulated with eye service. We know that the Nigerian government will not de-proscribe IPOB until we get our freedom. So that is the least of our problems and we are telling them to save their strength. 

Some think that if Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is killed, after protesting for 3 months it will end. It will not end because it will only take pronouncement and your child will kill  you and I am sure you people know it". 


"My recommendation is for DOS to tell what they want to tell us and not tell anything they don't want to tell us for security reasons;

My request is for you to throw more light on this month of anniversary".


It will be a Biafra story. Many guests will be allowed to tell their story based on experience. Activities will be drawn


"Are we going allow all distractions to continue to draw us back? WHY don't we take out those who are drawing us back and creating distractions to us? 


 IPOB has gone far in terms of our ultimate goal which is the restoration of Bịafra. If you know the level of pressure and happenings within the Nigerian circle, you will attest that IPOB has indeed made tremendous progressions. What the enemy does is create diversion and subterfuge to distract us.

 I want to assure you all that nothing will happen to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The enemies should understand the implications and consequences of such development.

Imagine what will happen if MNK dies in custody. We make no threats, heads will role.


"All the propaganda from Nigeria army about the invasion of criminal gangs,  I am wondering and I feel that it is wrong for our people to push the propaganda of the enemy. So I feel the leadership should make an order otherwise if Biafra is restored these people would not practice in Biafra". 


Mazi, we are trying to build a country where there would be freedom of speech. We know he is writing for Nigeria government because they employed him. However, IPOB is not authoritarian and all we need is for you to call our attention when he writes or tell lies about us so that we can correct, refute or educate him. But the bad journalists are in the minority as the majority is always defending IPOB.


"We need help in Afa,  Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State. 

 Fulani herdsmen are  killing us one after the other through their various attacks and that was how they conquered the Hausa people. Please we must do something about this ".


This is why we are encouraging you to support ESN because ESN is a state actor. Do not touch them in your community because if you do, a politician will sell you out. Ask communities that contacted ESN and you will hear stories of how ESN rescued them. Therefore, contact ESN and, as a state actor, we will deal with them and take responsibility. Anybody who sees those working for Igbo people should buy them beer. This is because Igbo people are terrible and the most foolish people to defend, very ungrateful people. However, we must defend them because it is a mandate and we must.


"You made a statement that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had a secretary and IPOB didn't know her well. This is like a general Igbo mentality. As an organization we should avoid giving unnecessary reverence when someone is veering from laid down principles. We should be emboldened enough to call out each other when guidelines are not followed. I believe that if guidelines were followed, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would not go to Kenya. As for the Fulani Herdsmen, most of our people are complacent. Even in America when you talk to our people they pay half or no attention. We should take it very serious ~ Mazi Ogbonnaya

Mazi Chinasa Nworu ~ "Maybe this our brother didn't start from the beginning. I came on air today because of the anniversary and the flyer stated "Countdown to the Anniversary".  We also have department of health, although we have not reached the stage of giving medical treatment to our people. What we can do now is to create awareness. Some people think Biafra is all about killing and shouting. They won't know that Biafra has already come. IPOB is not going to ask Nigeria government for referendum forever.

I don't deny the fact that there are genuine people in America doing their best to approach the right people, but people don't ask why 19 Northern Nigeria governors were in America and  what they went there to do yet, no media is talking about that.  Instead of America to give a report on what they went there to do, America suddenly started putting a report about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. People are not thinking. Why should America bring a 2023 report this time around?

 Let me tell you, it is because Nigeria is withdrawing her gold and foreign reserve and America is not happy.

 Now, some criminal personnels  are sensationalizing and deceiving people. Why are you raising fund whenever America or a western country plays their propaganda?  Do you know where IPOB has went and who they have met? Did IPOB raise any money from the people? Stop being deceived

Chevron invested billions of dollars pipe lines in Biafra land. They have the highest drone base in Niger, yet they can't see the terrorists. 

Now that Russia is taking territories, America and France are moving their soldiers to Mauritania, a country that hates black people.

 Do not believe whatever America says. They are careless about everyone except their greedy foreign policy. The Americans are hypocrites, so be careful and prepared. We need to be strategically strong. If you're an IPOB principal officer, be careful of what and how you eat and drink. This people have evil plans about South East. Buhari is gone, yet the problem persists. That will tell you how deep this project is


 The Anonymous group has in time past made predictions about Biafra that coincidentally took place. Recently, they announced that the Nigerian government was planning to poison Mazi Nnamdi Kanu through the fluid and water they feed him. Has the IPOB leadership taken note of this development and what steps are being taken in this regard? 


The IPOB Directorate Of State  is an institution, which acts on its own intelligence, intuition and impulse and do not take advise from the so-called Anonymous Hackers  group.  What we are engaged in is beyond the Anonymous or what they represent. 

However, we continue to monitor the situation surrounding the IPOB leader in his unlawful detention especially his health complications, and will continue notify Biafrans if the need arises. I said before,  should anything untoward happens to #MNK, the enemies cannot control what will happen next.


"What I have for Mazi Chinasa Nworu is two comments.

Kanunta Kanu has been working against Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. When Onyendu changed Dublin Coordinator and Kanunta convinced some IPOB principal officers  to go Dublin to counter the instructions of Onyendu.

I believe Kanunta planted agents in various family units across Europe. During the COVID, I was surprised how they got link to do what they came to Dublin to do. I want Biafrans to know that Mazi Chinasa Nworu did not make unfounded accusations.

Secondly, there is a clip played on Radio Biafra about how Fulani herdsmen are ravaging 3 communities in Imo state. I want to know what the leadership is doing to send ESN to these communities because people no longer go to farms.

Lastly, there's a problem between Ireland and British government over immigration. This challenge is also affecting IPOB because people are been invited and told that they can scale immigration using IPOB and these people are not even IPOB members. Therefore, IPOB leadership should review this immigration policy involving how people use IPOB to come to UK.


You have been talking about organ harvesting. It is an enlightenment and we stand to lose nothing by informing our people. As for the immigration policy of UK, I believe the leadership is doing something about it. It is bad for UK to be transporting immigrants to a third country when they can provide protection. It is not only illegal, it is intentional. They are trying to change the demography of these countries. It is a time bomb waiting to explode. It is wrong for UK, France, America, etc to go into all these countries to disrupt them setting the citizens to become refugees only to turn back and reject these refugees.

So Biafrans, as we come to the end of this broadcast, I want to inform you that impossibility is nothing. Biafra land is the final battle ground. Our land was the place where 48 percentage of slave trade took place. We are known by our enemies. Also as we engage in the anniversary activities, we must once more advise our people to bury their dead. Stop being heartless Christian leaders by demanding heaven and earth. That is wickedness. The mortuary attendants must desist from gifting people unlimited time because of money. We can't claim to be Christians and engage in paganism. Our people must learn to bury their dead on time. 

Again, the president of Nigeria has commissioned a new census team. The order still remains. Since they refused to allow you to vote, you must make sure you get counted in Biafraland. I believe IPOB will do a huge mobilization. 

Therefore, if the census will come tomorrow, you must go home. If at all you can't travel, make sure you remain indoor and not be counted in Lagos or any other state outside Biafraland. 

We are Biafrans. We are hardworking people. People all around the world testify about our productivity. We can't afford to come home and fumble

Closing Remark: 

Great Biafrans, this Biafra restoration is a mission that must be accomplished. It is not mission impossible. For impossibility is nothing.

The clouds are gathering. The world has taken note, they have not come but they will come. The pressure is mounting.

Biafraland will be the last battle. 

Our land will be the final spot. The Nigerian government are acquiring machinations all over the place, in turkey, Italy all over the place. The British are strengthening them.

Our region is strategic for them. That's why 48% of the transatlantic slaves shipped to Europe came from. We fought them. We resisted servitude. We drowned ourselves in the seas just to demonstrate that we are not willing to be slaves to fellow men.

Let me repeat this, we are going to honor our dead this month of May and after that, we are going to have it out with EEDC and the state governments that will harbor them in Biafraland. 

EEDC MUST be kicked out of Biafraland. It is either you give our people electricity or be ejected. We are no longer going to tolerate their rubbish.

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