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IPOB-ESN, The Last Line Of Defence That Must Be Supported To Keep Biafraland Safe

IPOB-ESN, The Last Line Of Defence That Must Be Supported To Keep Biafraland Safe When you speak against what the Fulani herdsmen are doing ...

IPOB-ESN, The Last Line Of Defence That Must Be Supported To Keep Biafraland Safe

When you speak against what the Fulani herdsmen are doing in the South-East region of Nigeria(Biafraland), you become an enemy of the state. But if rather keep quiet, nobody will speak against it. The collusion continues to deepen, and the number of destruction of lives and properties in the East continue to plummet. Only the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) continues to shout and shout on top of their voices. The defense of South-East for over a decade now has rested on the shoulders of IPOB alone. Nobody, no group and/or organization has shown readiness to safeguard the East against marauding Fulani herdsmen terrorists infiltrating into the lands. Only IPOB. Only Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Only Eastern Security Network(ESN).

Even the people IPOB-ESN is defending under sun and rain, killed and disappeared for their security sake are working against same IPOB-ESN. 

When you tell these same people in Ụzọ Uwani to support ESN operatives to help flush out these terrorists herdsmen, these people with their President Generals(PGs) and traditional leaders over act lords, turn spies and proxies and start working for the Fulani government enablers in their state, against the security of their own land and community. They sabotaged the efforts of these hallowed Men in the bushes — ESN. They even gave reports to zoo army to attack ESN in the bushes, just because they want to be politically relevant before the governor or local government chairman. But one thing they forgets is that without ESN, no body will be there for them and their communities when these Fulani herdsmen strikes.

After sabotaging the efforts of ESN, and they men decided to change location, to protect other places, then, Fulani herdsmen terrorists at the behest of their own surveillance now invaded the community and killed a lot of defenseless people. And the news will be read to draw sympathy.

The government will now act like they did not know who committed the sacrilege. Making empty political promises to people mourning their dead loved ones and in pains. After two to three weeks of the governor's visit, these people are abandoned and forgotten. Nobody remembers them again. Those who survived will continue living with pains and agony while the dead ones are buried and everyone moves on. That's the end; No arrests, no investigation. The perpetrators move to another location with alacrity increased, and as well kill another set of villagers and the news will be read again.

How many of you remembered when former Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugwu went to this same Ụzọ Ụwani when similar ugly incident happened. Men, women and children were massacred by these same Fulani herdsmen terrorists. Upon seeing the number of lifeless dead bodies of Ụzọ Uwani indigenes,  Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi began to cry. Sobbing in utter disbelief and regret. After that, he made promises to these same people that such senseless killing would not repeat again. Today, what is happening? Has the killing stopped? Where are the perpetrators of these crimes?

These Fulani herdsmen terrorists are encouraged and emboldened by the same state government who promised them a portion of land for RUGA, and the government will not deny not knowing who the perpetrators are? They should better tell the people, because the government cannot be ignorant of any crime that lasts for 24hours. However, it baffles many how these politicians are not bold enough to mention names of these invaders but are quick to accuse and condemn IPOB/ESN operatives as allegedly being responsible for insecurity in Southeast. 

Furthermore, this is to remind the good people of South-East to be aware that the defense of AlaIgbo now rests on their hands because Igbo politicians are completely compromised. The governments in Southeast are not going to protect any one. Not the Police, not the Army.

Have you wondered why no Fulani herdsman has been ever arrested by police or Army for killing innocent villagers anywhere in Nigeria?

Have you asked why police, Army, Civil Defense, Navy, Air Force, does not go after these Fulani herdsmen terrorists that carry AK-47 and other dangerous weapons along with their cows?

Have you asked why Southeast governors are afraid to mention and accuse Fulani herdsmen of being responsible for these crimes in Igboland?

Have you asked why nobody except IPOB/ESN makes efforts to stop these marauding Fulani herdsmen in our bushes?

By the time you find answers to these questions, you will understand the need to give all the support you have to IPOB leadership in order to strengthen the ESN operatives for the great task of safeguarding Ala Igbo against these Fulani herdsmen terrorist land grabbers. Otherwise, the senseless killings will continue unabated. 

Support IPOB/ESN today through the link.

Family Writers Press International.

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