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Insecurity: Isu Youths Declare Dusk To Dawn Curfew Until Further Notice

 Insecurity: Isu Youths Declare Dusk To Dawn Curfew Until Further Notice The gradually growing palpable security tension around Isu town in ...

 Insecurity: Isu Youths Declare Dusk To Dawn Curfew Until Further Notice

The gradually growing palpable security tension around Isu town in Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, has become a cause for gross concern to Isu Youths Assembly. The fracas between some indigenous communities within the town and the marauding Fulani herdsmen who pleasure in the wantom destruction of farmlands, can no longer be treated with kid gloves. 

The Isu Youth Assembly in conjunction with the Homeland Security Organization, have placed a dusk to dawn curfew all over the  town until otherwise stated. The imposed curfew as reliably gathered by Family Writers Press International, outrightly bans movement of persons, with only the exemption of the personnel of Homeland Security Outfit which will routinely be on  twelve (12) hours nightly patrol exercises from 7pm to 7am. 

The general public has been seriously forewarned against loitering in Isu town and environs within the stipulated time frame. The order went further to state that no culprit whether an indigene or a stranger, will be spared. All vehicular and motorcycle movements both within and outside the town during the said period are equally prohibited, except for those of the security organization on emergency security signals.

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Interacting with the personnel of the Homeland Security Organization on the development, Family Writers Press International, learnt that it has clearly been stated that Isu town, ancestrally belongs to Isu people as their eternal inheritance and so, no alien or stooge no matter where, masquerading as political office holder, security agent, terrorist invader or indigenous saboteur, will give dictate on how the bonafide indigenous land owners will manage and carry out the security concerns of their own town. 

When asked further about the relationship of the security organization with the Eastern Security Network (ESN), especially as it touches on the indigenous Isu members of the ESN, it was unambiguously stated that the two outfits will be working in synergy throughout the period. They maintained that the Eastern Security Network is already stationed around the town and are battle ready against any eventuality, on intelligence alert.

It was also gathered that some identified saboteurs in Isu town were on the run since Thursday 4th February 2021, due to their past criminal antecedents. This was also when the family compound of one of them was razed down by unidentified aggrieved young men, with such treacherous individuals equally declared wanted. Interviews conducted with the ordinary villagers pertaining the activities of these saboteurs, revealed their crimes, viz:

* Leaking of security details as outlined in the village meetings, to terrorists through phone calls.

* Selling or leasing out of ancestral lands to the marauding Fulani herdsmen terrorists without the consent/approval of the villagers.

* Secretly pointing out the opposing youths of the villages especially members of the Homeland Security Organization, to the law enforcement agencies for arrests, etcetera.

* Constantly putting up defences to the evil activities of the Fulani herdsmen, during meetings between the villagers and political office holders that are representing the constituencies. This they do because of their involvement in cattle enterprises with the Fulanis.

More updates coming as events unfold!

Family Writers Press International.


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