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Nigeria's Depravity And Duplicitous Operandi is Responsible For The Sweeping through De-Nigerianisation Crusades

 Nigeria's Depravity And Duplicitous Operandi is Responsible For The Sweeping through De-Nigerianisation Crusades  It is an obviously un...

 Nigeria's Depravity And Duplicitous Operandi is Responsible For The Sweeping through De-Nigerianisation Crusades 

It is an obviously unarguable truth, that the entity called Nigeria is a stark embodiment of all manner of corruption, human rights violations, prejudicial injustices, fertile land for religious & ethnic jingoism as well as constant neglect of the rule of law, and the list goes on.

The plethora of corrupt practices and the ensuing blatant impunities obtainable in almost all sectors in Nigeria are so conspicuous, even to the most unwitting and unsuspecting minds; ranging from the political sector where electoral malpractices are flaunted and displayed with impunity.

Embezzling and siphoning of public funds by kleptomaniac politicians has become a historical and traditional trend in Nigeria. Economic stagnation, bloated hyperinflation with skyrocketing costs of living has left most Nigerians in abject state of poverty and lack. The continuous dilapidation of infrastructures and social structures are nothing to write home about, these structures are simply death traps to those who ply them.

Recently, the genuineness of Nigerian Judicial system is on public examination due to its jaundicing schemes on ingenuous cases before her, praying justice. A prompting example is the prejudicial order for stay of execution order of the court of Appeal which discharged and acquitted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Recalling the numerous crimes perpetuated under the outgoing Muhammadu Buhari's administration. Nigeria has recorded more state induced and sponsored crimes than the two preceding administrations since the transition to civilian government in 1999. Most prominent of these crimes is the extraordinary rendition of Nnamdi Kanu - a criminal offense against International laws.

The Indeginous populations and ethnicities, especially from the surpressed regions having tried to salvage what they view to be their "dying country" through the electoral polls, but were summarily disappointed and thwarted by the ruling oligarchs and their tribal flag-wavers. Hence, the upsurge of the De-Nigerianisation campaign as these begrudged citizens who were eager to rebuild a society thriving in equity, rule of law, justice and fair play were brutally suppressed, leading them to concur on the irredeemable stage Nigeria has drifted to and therefore hitching their wagons for a dissolution or renegotiation of the state's status via a referendum. This development is as a result of state negligence, nepotism and ethnic superiority complex from the state and those who run it. It is never the fault of the people, afterall they gave their best trying to restore and revive the "dead bone" but to no avail.

Although, the incoming illegitimate government may try to pretentiously curry favor with the aggrieved masses, to lure and induce them by giving them a false sense of belonging, but the people presumably have made their choice, as the government. It is either they are allowed to effect the necessary changes needed in Nigeria through the restoration of their stolen mandate or they will wholeheartedly embrace the Referendum and dissolution option.

Written by Kelechi Chukwuezi Augustine

Edited By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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